Discussing the upcoming NFL playoffs and super bowl

This year’s NFL playoffs look to be exciting as many spots are yet determined.

Those already are Houston, Green Bay and San Francisco but what other teams will make it.

AFC Teams 5 spots remain, who I think will make it.

New England as the East winner, with NY Jets as a wild card

Pittsburgh as the North Winner with Baltimore as a wild card

Denver as the West Winner.

NFC Teams 4 spots remain, who else will make it.

NY Giants as the East Winner

Detriot as a wild card from the North.

New Orleans as the South winner with Atlanta as a wild card.

So what do you think, as the teams will determine which players are in the playoffs which will help decide what players you may want in a fantasy playoffs and super bowl fantasy draft.  You can check out our player list and fantasy draft at;



2 Responses to Discussing the upcoming NFL playoffs and super bowl

  1. mike says:

    Tebow getting 1 more week hurts me worse than pittsburgh being eliminated. i have 12 entries and didn’t have Tebow on any of them! i figured he’d be lucky to have 100 yards total with no touchdowns in a one and done situation, boy was i wrong!!!!

  2. Chris Jones says:

    I’m getting killed by not taking Hakim Nicks on any of mine. He will be the key for all the winners. Thanks Green Bay and Jordy Nelson for not showing up in the playoffs. Not to mention my 99 point Post Season Challenge entry that went down the tubes with the Packers loss.

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